Process 4 SIL DeterminationThe hazard scenarios that have been determined to require further risk reduction will undergo further analysis in a workshop environment to identify additional safeguards, or to identify other layers of protection that will reduce the risk to a tolerable level. The residual risk will indicate if a safety function is required to reduce risk further, and if it is, the safety performance requirements (risk reduction requirement) of the safety function will be determined.

In the process safety environment this activity is referred to as SIL Determination, or SIL Selection, or SIL Assignment because the performance requirement of a safety function is expressed as a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) per the requirements of IEC61508/61511/ISA84.00.01-2004.

FSE Global consultants provide procedures and tools to run the SIL determination process; offer expert advice on safety functions that are difficult to analyse; and deliver a comprehensive report detailing every aspect of the SIL determination workshop.