Machine 1 Machine SafetyWhether you work with process safety or machine safety, risk management is a process. A series of related and interconnected analysis activities start the process that collectively identify all hazards, the causes of the hazards, the consequences of these hazards, the risk from each hazard, the existing safeguards in place and the risk reduction capability of each safeguard. If further risk reduction is required, additional risk control measures and their safety performance requirements (SIL/PLr) are identified.

The technical requirements of the risk control measures used to reduce risk to a tolerable level are documented in a comprehensive Safety Requirement Specification; and this is the document that a system integrator or vendor will use to design the safety system and each safety function.

Prior to building and implementing the safety system, each safety function must be evaluated to ensure it can achieve the required safety performance – this is SIL/PL Verification.

FSE Global consultants provide the expertise and experience required to assist Clients through the entire risk management process for machine safety, and ensure that each activity is accurately and comprehensively documented.

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