Defining Best Practice in Process and Machine Safety

We are an independent group consultants whose focus is functional safety. We provide intelligent, pragmatic solutions that cover key safety activities for safety-critical applications in both process safety and machine safety.

We are not aligned with any manufacturer, and that has earned us a high level of respect and repeat business. What makes us unique is the combination of our passion for safety, the drive to exceed client expectations, and the depth of knowledge and experience we bring to every project. 

If you recognise gaps in your knowledge of functional safety, discuss them with us and we will work with you to fill those gaps.

  • SERVICES: Process and Machine Safety consulting covering HAZID/HAZOP facilitation, Risk Assessment, LOPA facilitation, SIF Performance Verification, Functional Safety Assessments, and Safety System Validation.
  • MANAGEMENT: Templates for Policies, Procedures and Reports related to functional safety to bring safety management systems into compliance.


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