Process 5 Safety Requirement SpecificationThe requirements of the identified safety functions are collated in a comprehensive Safety Requirements Specification (SRS). The format of the Safety Requirement Specification is typically split into three main areas – general safety system requirements, general safety function requirements, and specific safety function requirements.

This is the key safety system design document that not only specifies the specific actions that each safety function should take, and the safety performance requirements for each safety function, but also the general and specific system environment factors that need to be addressed at the design stage.

Studies by the HSE (UK) have shown that greater than 40% of system failures are caused by incorrect or inadequate specification.

FSE Global consultants work with Clients to provide a fast and thorough method to satisfy the requirements of the IEC61508/IEC61511 standards, with the use of purpose-designed templates for the Safety Requirements Specification which address the compliance requirements of the relevant standards.