All recent safety standards require that competent personnel are used to perform each of the activities in the safety lifecycle, and require facility operators to demonstrate that compliance has been achieved. This is generally not the core expertise of facility operators, or even engineering companies; which is why FSE Global has become the professional's choice for safety engineering.

However, there is no reason why personnel from the end user, the engineering companies, system integrators and vendors should not understand the fundamental concepts involved in safety engineering – it's not rocket science. The more competent personnel become, the more confident they will be in addressing functional safety matters at the facility. The trend is definitely towards requiring proof of competence, and those who take the appropriate steps towards being trained will be ahead of others who wait.

FSE Global offers training programs, from basic to advanced, that rapidly build skills and confidence in your personnel. We know they need to be able to communicate effectively with end users, engineering companies or suppliers in order to ensure that safety projects achieve their defined objectives at each step in the process. Choose from classroom courses that are presented around the world.

FSE Global is an authorized provider of ISA SIS Certification courses to prepare your personnel to be examined as Certified SIS Fundamentals Specialists (ISA-SFS); SIL Selection Specialists (ISA-SSS); and SIL Verification Specialists (ISA-SVS) - the most rigorous certification program in industry.